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Gro-Plus Fast Food For Plants
Enhances plant growth naturally. Contains fruiting inducer
To stimulate microbial action of the soil and plant growth are far superior
Enhances plant naturally. Multipurpose plant food
Enhances flower formation. Improves quality and colour of flowers
Enhances plant growth naturally. Meets requirements of all commonly grown vegetables
Now available in high quality, water resistant, soft plastic standing pouch.
Convenient - No mixing, Ready -to- Use
A fast acting, soluble, general purpose fertilizer ideal for potted plants, vegetables, seedlings and lawns. A balanced N:P:K for promote a healthy growth of foliage, vigorous root systems. Readily available to plants - quickly absorbed by leaves and roots. Economical - dissolve one level spoonful in five litres of water. Apply fortnightly. Simply mix as directed and water your plants as normal. Pack in a re-sealable airtight bottle.
Shines and protects Houseplants
Product is ready to use and require NO MIXING.
Contain no oils or oily products to smear, clog pores, or collect dust. Allows leaves to breathe. { Water-based, Environmentally safe. Non flammable, Biodegradable. { No wiping needed; self-spreading. { Clear , clean, odourless, easy to use. Wipes off with a wet cloth. { Goes on like water, dries to a natural lustre in minutes.
Easy application: With Plant Guards you can shines and protect your plants in one easy operation. Plant Guards are safe to use as often as required. Simply lift nozzle lid and spray over foliage as a light mist.
Convenient, No mixing, Ready -to- Use
Horti Leaf Gloss cleans, shines and freshens up indoor plants to impart a beautiful natural gloss. A gentle fragrance has been added that will leave the room with a pleasant smelling aroma.

Does 2 jobs in one - selectively kills weeds and fertilises lawn at the same time.
Suitable for use on all grass lawn.
Convenient trigger pack - no mixing.
Low hazard to humans and wildlife.
Controls clover, flatweeds and most other broadleaf weeds.

How It Works: The iron has a salt burn effect so that flatweeds receive a relatively severe burn compared to the vertical blades of grass. Soluble iron and nitrogen are absorbed by the root system to provide strong green growth
Product is ready to use and require NO MIXING.
Controls most broadleaf weeds and at the same time adds nutrition to your lawn, promoting lush, green growth.