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1. Select a vigorous growing shoot, about as thick as a pencil. Make two complete cuts at a distance of about 2 cm around the shoot with a sharp grafting knife.
Materials: Grafting Knife, Jiffy pot, polythene sheet and plastic strip.
Step by step
2. Remove the ring of bark between the two cuts completely.
3. Scrape off the cambium of the exposed part with the knife.
4. Prepare a Jiffy pot as rooting medium by soaking it thoroughly in water and lightly squeezing off the excess.
5. Spit the prepared Jiffy pot and place it around the exposed cut.
6. Wrap a polythene sheet round the Jiffy pot. Tie both ends of it firmly with a plastic strip. This prevents loss of moisture through evaporation and rain water seeping into the the marcot.
7. Examine the marot after 4 to 8 weeks to check for root emergence.
8. Cut off the shoot from the parent plant once it has developed sufficient roots.
9. Remove the polythene wrapping and plant in a pot.