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Pyrethum now comes in a convenient and ready-to-use spraypack!
Hi-Kil Insect Spray, an extract from the Pyrethum Daisy flower, is a potent insect killer. It is part of nature's defence system and an alternative to chemical insecticide.

Hi-Kil Insect Spray does not damage plant foliage and is water-based. It kills insects on contact and quickly breakdowns, leaving no residue effect on plants or fruits after 24 hours.
Common Queries

Q: Why are Piperonyl Butoxide, Eucalyprus, Garlic and Clear White Oil added to the Pyrethrum insect sprays?

Piperonyl Butoxide - Pyrethrum alone is a very effective insecticide. However, it is also very expensive. Tests have shown that Piperonyl Butoxide has its own insecticidal activity. When it is added to Pyrethrum, the combined effect produces a more effective insecticide than when using either alone (synergistic effect). It controls any other insects that may be around at the time when the insects are being sprayed.

Garlic Extract - A natural spray made from the cloves of garlic. It is effective against a wide range of sucking pests including Aphids, Thrips, Spiders, Leaf Miners, Moths, Whiteflies and Larvas. When added to Pyrethrum and Piperonyl Butoxide, the Garlic Extract further enhances the overall product performance. It has a more systemic action than either Pyrethrum or Piperonyl Butoxide and also acts as a very effective deterrent for dogs and cats.

Eucalyptus Oil : Extracts of the essential oils of certain Eucalyptus species may kill some pests or at least discourage their activities. It tends to remain on the sprayed surface a little longer before breaking down. It is very effective against a wide range of leaf-chewing crawling insects like ants, caterpillars, etc. The Eucalyptus has its own insecticidal and repellency effect. When added to the Pyrethrum and Piperonyl Butoxide, it further enhances the overall product performance.

Clear White Oil :
White Oil is a viscous material which is effective in the control of many insect pests like white flies, thrips and spider mites.

It is one of a very few insecticides that will eliminate scaled (hard protective coating of scale) insects, which can withstand ordinary insecticides and are difficult to eradicate. It kills by coating the insect with a layer of oil which cuts off its air supply. The insect soon suffocates and dies. A thorough coverage is essential for effective control. White Oil should not be sprayed on hot days (above 34C) as damage is accentuated by high temperatures.

Q. Isn't it dangerous to spray pesticides on plants you are going to eat?

No, not if you use one that is recommended for vegetables and follow the directions on the label. Hi-Kil Spray is safe on all vegetables and you need only wait for one day between spraying and picking.

Q. What's gone wrong? The spray I bought killed the caterpillars all right, but the plants now have thin brown patches on their leaves.

You must have sprayed the plants under hot and bright sunshine. Even plain water can scorch under these conditions, but the plants will usually recover.

Q. What are the funny white lines on the leaves?

Leaf Miner - a tiny insect that tunnels through the leaves. Spray the affected plant thoroughly with Hi-Kil Sucking Insect Spray.

Q. Why are there little white fluffy bits on my plants?

Sounds like mealy bugs. Spray the affected plant thoroughly with Hi-Kil Clear White Oil Spray.

Q. The leaves are red and curling with little bugs underneath. What are these?

Aphids. Spray thoroughly with Hi-Kil Sucking Insect Spray.

Q. My plants leaves are curling down and the ends are all crinked. Clouds of tiny white take off when the plants are touched. What are these?
Whiteflies. They weaken your plants. Have a look on the underside of the leaves, they are probably infested. Spray them very thoroughly with Hi-Kil Insect Spray or Horti-On Insecticide and repeat the procedure three days later. To really eliminate them, you'll need 2 or 3 sprays.

Q. My seedlings had just started to grow when several of them went all limp and dried. What's the matter?

Probably Cutworms have eaten their stems at ground level. They are leathery caterpillars which live in the soil. Spray with Hi-Kil Chewing Insect Spray or Horti Carbaryl.

Q. Something seems to be eating the leaves / fruits. What is it?

Probably caterpillars. Spray the plants thoroughly with Horti Carbaryl.

Q. My plants are full of snails. How can I get them out?

Just sprinkle Snail Killer around the clumps.