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Peat Pots are made from 2/3 Sphagnum moss peat and 1/3 wood pulp fibers to ensure pots have excellent water absorption and easy root penetration through the pot walls. You can then plant 'pot and all' to obtain immediate plant establishment without transplanting shock.
Peat Pots
Peat Pots are available in various shapes & sizes for more efficient handling and growing. They are a safe and reliable medium, which are free of pests and diseases with no sterilizing needed.

Suitable for the propagation of potted plants, bedding plants, vegetables, shrubs, trees, etc.
   Jiffy    Plant Starter - Easy-to-Use    Starter Pellets 
   1. Place pellets in the trays

2. Add water (approximately 50mls per pellet)

3. Pellets expand to 50mm (height) in about 20 minutes.
4. Seeds : For large seeds (e.g. cucumber), plant 1 seed in pellet hole.
For fine seeds, scratch a few seeds onto top surface. 5. Cuttings : Place cuttings in hole and firm down by scratching
peat around it. 6. Watering : As pellet dries out, it becomes lighter in colour. Keep
moist, but not over-wet. 7. Location : Outdoors - keep pellets in a warm semi-shaded spot,
sheltered from wind. Indoors - give access to direct light and
avoid excessive heat. 8. Timing for Transplanting : When roots appear on the side or
bottom of pot, plant in their permanent position.
No transplanting shock.
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Aerates lawns and garden beds - Breaks up heavey clay soil - Improves water penetration - Helps drainage of wet & soggy soil

Horti Clay Breaker is a soil conditioner that change dense, hard, compacted soil and clay into useable topsoil. It improves water penetration by changing the soil structure. Clay Breaker also aerates lawns and garden beds to overcome water repellence and help prevent occurrence of Dry Patch. Regular application will also aid water drainage and help prevent waterlogging.