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Getting the Most from Potting Mix
When you buy potting mix, be sure to check what the potting mix contains. Different plants often have different requirements, and ready-made potting mix accommodate these specific plants. For instance, African violets require a acid-rich medium, whereas cacti need a medium; allow for more drainage. There are also mixes specifically for starting seeds that are extremely lightweight and allow for good drainage. As you garden, youíll learn how to get the right medium type for your needs to grow happier and healthier plants.

For most indoor gardeners, buying a package of prepared potting mix is the most efficient method of selecting houseplant soil. The packaged potting mix has been sterilized to eliminate any pests or diseases that might be present.

Never put a plant in too large a container; youíll have too much soil for too few roots. The roots canít extract water from the extra soil, and the surplus moisture may eventually rot the roots. Choose a container that is an inch larger in diameter as the one holding your house plant.

When is it Time to Repot?
The answer is deceptively simple. Any plant that has become pot-bound in its present container should be moved to a larger one. The best way to check is to inspect the drainage hole, if roots protrude from the drainage hole, it is time to repot the plants.

Transplanting: Step-by-step Directions

1. Remove plant and root ball intact from original container.

2. Cover drainage hole with pebbles or pot shards; add some potting mix.

3. Fill container with potting mix until root ball surface is near pot rim.

4. Center root ball and steady it as you fill in sides with potting mix.

5. Thump pot carefully on working surface to settle potting mix.

6. Smooth soil surface gently with fingers, avoiding plant stem area.

To keep your plants clean and dust -free, a daily misting with a misting can, an atomizer or even a clean bottle with a spray attachment will raise the humidity around the plants in addition to keeping them clean. Misting is of particular importance, when temperatures are high and air is dry in the home.

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Potting Mix (or potting soil, potting mediums, as they are called), are a soilless mix. Potting Mix is the all-important ingredient for healthy plants. It forms the medium in which plants live and grow; it provide the initial nutrients plants need; and it permits moisture retention while allowing any excess water to drain away.