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Save time and expense by using soil mix only in the row or planting hole where you'll sow the seeds.
To make outdoor germination easier for seeds directly sown in a garden, fill each planting trench or hole with a small amount of packaged potting mix. This gives you a finer growing medium which holds moisture and usually contains some nutrients.
Row planting
For straight rows, stretch a string,
For deep planting furrows, use the corner of a hoe blade.
For shallow furrows, use the handle.
Firm the soil over a seed row with the flat side of a rake.
Thin out seedings when they come up, leaving only the strongest ones. Feed seedings, wheather indoors or out, every other week with Foliar fertilizer or Groplus complete plant food of the recommended label rate. Increase the strength gradually as the plant grows.
Space small seeds evenly by rubbing a pinch between fingers.
... or tap them directly from the packet.
For the best distribution of seeds, mix plenty of sand with the seeds when broadcasting so that you can see the seeds (and sand) when they hit the ground.
The reason for using sand is so you can see the seeds (and sand) when it hits the ground.
Small/colored seeds
For small seeds, space evenly by rubbing a pinch between fingers or tap them directly from the packet.
When small or coloured seeds makes it difficult to see while sowing, lay sheets of tissue paper (which will decompose quickly when covered and watered) in the trench.
Thin seedlings with scissors to proper spacing carefully to avoid disturbing the roots of the plants left behind altogether.